"We have been operating on the market for 20 years now. During this time, trends, technical capabilities of equipment and clients’ expectations have been constantly changing. We are striving to be always up-to-date so that we could offer most optimal solutions to each of our Clients."

Dariusz Roman, President of the Board, Grupa 50 mm

Our activities are directly connected with the use of cutting-edge technologies. Not only do we build websites, but also create multimedia presentations and applications for mobile devices. In order to take full advantage of the possibilities that new technologies have to offer we prepare graphic design projects that enable us to properly present content to our potential clients. Owing to a large database of photographs that we possess, there is no need of making any purchases in the design phase. However, if need be, we also offer our own photographic studio staffed with professionals, who will prepare the photo shoot that our Clients require.

The fact that we have been present on the market for over 20 years seems to be significant for our clients. Our stability and experience assure them that they will receive a product of the highest possible quality.
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For many years we have been creating both simple and complex internet services for our clients. We do not copy already existing projects, we do not replicate our competitors' solutions. We are a company with ideas and we strive to do a job that will fully satisfy you both technically and in terms of graphic design.
Our www sites are created with the use of the most state of the art tools available. We make use of advanced data bases and newest trends in HTML5 and CSS3 programming. All our products are tailored to our Clients’ needs.

Social media

We are able to organise a presentation of our Clients’ company or service on social networking sites, like Facebook. We can also manage information received by their users and conduct advertising campaigns aimed at specific groups of recipients.

Delivery of EU projects

We can help in the delivery of even the most complicated projects connected with software co-financed by the EU. We know how to deliver, present and account such projects. We are able to create any software, regardless of how complicated it may be.

Pages for all devices

Owing to the use of the newest technologies, our solutions are compatible with all of the devices currently present on the market. The designed pages adjust to the size of a device’s screen or display and change their look in order to be more legible for the reader.

Google Web Search - AdWords

By placing your advert in Google you may reach up to 90% of internet users, which is the number of users who claim to use this search engine. The client individually sets the limit of funds dedicated to advertising (e.g. PLN 1000), the duration of appearance (e.g. 20 days) and key words enabling your service to be found (e.g. advertising, marketing).

Advertising programs and campaigns on the internet

We will prepare and advertising campaign for you using any media (banners, billboards, pop-ups, etc.) and place on any website or we will take care of preparing advertising materials for your clients. We will also schedule the time of display and kind of advertising materials to boost their efficiency.


Statistics are a source of a lot of information and if properly used, will bring numerous advantages to the company. With the help of the statistics you will be able to find out how many potential customers have visited your website, their geographical location, their browser type, or their strongest interests on the page. All the data will be presented to you on request in the form of a monthly report in PDF.


Upon your request we can also prepare tools for website editing, which enable changes to the contents of the information presented at any time and place, introduce new products on offer, or replace existing photographs with new ones. All that in a simple, individually created system for website service edition. If your website requires frequent updates, or if the Commissioner requires independence and freedom of operations its worth considering creation of an editing console (CMS).


For our clients who do not have their own space for a website we offer safe and secure internet servers with back up and 24 hour security services. All servers are tailored to individual needs of the Client.

Internet shops

For those clients who want to use their website for sales of products, an efficient internet shop is the answer. It will not be taken "off the peg" like so many available on the internet; rather, it will be custom made to serve your needs and the characteristics of your products.

Photo Bank

Not every client is in possession of photo files which may be used on a website or in a multimedia presentation. Not every company can afford to hire them from a professional agency, where each copy is highly priced and also limited by a licence. Our collection holds 6000+ photos which may be placed on an internet service if you wish or in a presentation, or which may enrich and add variety to your promotional materials.

We possess our own photographic studio, where we can prepare any photo shoot that our Clients may require: photographing people, animals or our Clients’ products. During such a photo shoot, an experienced photographer is always at our Client’s disposal. The photographer will use appropriate equipment and the software that will enable the Client to request any possible modifications to the images in the post-production phase.

Mailing / Newsletter

If you need a good tool for notifying your clients of important events, interesting promotions or sending your correspondence to them, you might like to use our mailing system. It has been created based on years of experience in batch correspondence distribution. Our system enables you to send an unlimited number of HTML format mails through an internet page to an unrestricted number of recipients, enabling overview of the history of performed promotional activities.

Search Engine Optimization

We provide our clients with positioning services, i.e. putting the page into the first 20 hits of search results on Google. The positioning service is a lengthy process that brings long-term effects. Please read our terms of providing positioning services before you place an order.


We have been creating original graphic projects for many years and so we know their importance in creating the final impression of a product. Even the best idea packaged in an inappropriate way will simply not sell. This is why it is worth investing in good graphics.

We will prepare any kind of internet advertising (pages, banners, etc.) and multimedia presentations. On the client's request we will develop the full image of the company starting with the logo and finishing with printed advertising materials.

The best recommendation for our services is the hundreds of successful projects and implementations as well as our happy clients, who are satisfied with not only the graphic project but also with the company image, which has been effective in beating the competition.

Experience and knowledge

While designing a brochure, catalog or a web site we know of its purpose. With our experience we are able to run the development process in such a way so that both, client and viewers, were not surprised by the constraints posed by different techniques.


We are prepared for any eventuality. Upon a client's request we will deliver professional photography, a three-dimensional model, drawing or painting. As a result, we are not forced to use an only, sometimes the only available technique.

Desktop Publishing - time after the design

Our experts have over 20 years of combined experience in printing, as well as computer typesetting. While ordering your project you can be assured that it will reach the press or be published on the web properly and hassle-free.

Programming for mobile devices

We specialise in designing interfaces for both smartphones and tablets. From the very first moment, our creations are designed to look professional and, at the same time, in the way that will allow them to be used on all devices.


We are fully aware of the fact that in a few years’ time the Internet will be used mostly on mobile devices. Even now we cannot imagine not having access to the Internet or not being able to use mobile applications. This tendency will continue to grow, and companies or services that will not ensure quick mobile access will most certainly lose against their competitors.

Services for mobile devices

We will prepare your website’s mobile version so that it could look good and function properly on mobile devices. It will enable its users to take full advantage of the possibilities such devices have to offer, such as: interactive maps, geolocation or access to social media.

Native applications

At times, applications need to be accessed without the use of the Internet. It also happens that there is a necessity to access certain functions more easily or directly without using network services. We can create applications that will work with both OS X (for iPhone and iPad) as well as Android operation systems. Then, we will place the app in the appropriate system (Apple Store or Google Play) and will promote it accordingly.

UI design

The knowledge of the technology used in designing applications for mobile devices is not enough. There is also the skill to make an app that will be easily used by its recipients. Thus, the simplicity of use and attractive looks are of paramount importance in mobile application design. Such are the characteristics of our solutions, regardless of the device they are used on.

Electronic publications

If you need to create an electronic version of your magazine, brochure or catalogue, we will create and publish your idea utilising the newest technologies and appropriate tools. Electronic magazines, both in the form of multimedia PDF or a separate app that enables the storage of many issues of a magazine, do not have to be dull and predictable any more. If you decide to make use of such multimedia options as video, sound or animation, the magazines will become even more interesting for the readers.


We have been providing multimedia and project services for over 20 years. Over that time we have earned the trust of both small and large international companies, creating hundreds of projects for them, most of which were immediately implemented. Those ideas that have not yet been utilized are still waiting for the right moment.

We also provide assistance to large advertising agencies. We do complex jobs for them, ones that require experience in very specific kinds of multimedia. Due to our practical knowledge we are able to see the best solutions and present a broader view on issues which clients may face in the course of implementation and use of the product.


We know the importance of an efficient communication system. We are a multimedia company that prefers electronic exchange of documents and quick internet communication.

You can contact us in a more traditional way by writing or calling us, but also by means of an internet communicator or by sending us an e-mail.

GRUPA 50mm sp. z o.o.
ul. Raszyńska 56, 02-033 Warszawa, Polska
e-mail: info@grupa50mm.pl
skype BOK: mr.dariuszroman
tel BOK: +48 796 655 000

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